Founded in 2014 in sunny San Mateo, California, Monomi Park is home to a diverse team of wild dreamers and mad creators committed to creating unconventional gaming experiences that defy expectations. We are currently developing the award-winning game, Slime Rancher!


Nick Popovich
Co-founder, CEO
Mike Thomas
Co-founder, CTO
Kate Kavanaugh
Matt Kramer
Director of Engineering
Jason Bianchi
QA Director
Evie Anderson
Production Director
Sakura Harris
Director of Marketing
Jenna Kemker
Art Director
Scott Blinn
Director of Design
Ian McConville
Principal Artist
Chris Lum
Lead Designer, Slime Rancher 2
Harry Mack
Dan Venhardt
Senior Character Artist
Mike Daugherty
Principal Designer
Norma Martinez
Lead Artist, Slime Rancher 2
Chloe Lu
Senior Producer
Nick Watros
Customer Support Supervisor
Dillon Sommerville
Senior Environment Artist
Souren Papazian
Senior Game Engineer
Jess Glass
Senior QA Analyst
Tess Daniel
Game Engineer
Allison Gomer
Operations Manager
Ross Kameny
Lead Technical Artist
Javier Panameno
Senior QA Analyst
Jasmine Stephens
Game Engineer
Edward del Villar
Technical Artist
Dyala Kattan-Wright
Senior Systems Designer
Pearl Ko
Senior UX Designer
Kelly Gravelyn
Lead Engineer, Slime Rancher 2
Simeon Jewell
Senior IT Manager
Erin An
Community Development Manager
Rodolfo Silva
Technical Artist
Will Armstrong
Principal Engineer
Robert Thomas
Senior Graphics Engineer
King Lewis
People Operations Manager
Erekose Craft
Senior UI Engineer
Sara Chan
Senior Brand Manager
Kate Probeck
3D Environment Artist
Adrian Bedoya
Senior Level Designer
Dacey Willoughby
Senior Producer
Kim Young
QA Analyst
Tanner Sullivan-Thompson
Build Engineer
Derek Glennon
Technical Artist

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Five Million Copies Sold

Our first project, Slime Rancher, has been a Steam Early Access success story, selling more than 5 million copies to date!

Slime Rancher was nominated for "Debut Game" in the 2017 British Academy Games Awards, received “Best Simulation Game” in Game Informer’s Best of 2017, and has been nominated for “Best Debut Indie Game” in The Game Awards, “Best Gameplay” in Brazil’s Independent Games Festival, and “Best Indie Game” in the Golden Joystick Awards.

And we’re not done yet! Slime Rancher has been continually updated since its initial release in 2016 with more awesome content on the way!

Join our ever-growing community of ranchers and learn more about the world of Slime Rancher by visiting SlimeRancher.com.

Follow development of Slime Rancher on the Monomi Park Blog or by following us on Twitter.


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